“The Chosen” Biblical Consultant met Christ via New Age/Eastern Meditation?

Many of the people involved with The Chosen are now very influential–Christians listen to them. Which is proving more and more unfortunate as some things these folks are involved with or advocate are far from biblical.

As Don Veinot notes, “If Richard Rohr, the Eastern practices of Contemplative Prayer and the Enneagram are spiritual tools that those associated with The Chosen admire and advocate, fans are very likely to trust these “tools” as safe and helpful in their personal spiritual pursuits. That would be a tragedy.” [1]

While concerns about The Chosen are being revealed on an almost daily basis, it is nevertheless shocking to learn that Rabbi Jason Sobel, one of three Biblical Consultants for The Chosen, claims to have met Christ in heaven through Eastern/New Age meditation.

Speaking on Sid Roth’s, It’s Supernatural, Rabbi Sobel states:

I wanted a real relationship, a real encounter with the Lord. So I was going to synagogue, study with my rabbi, but through martial arts and yoga, I became a Jew Bu, a new age Jew, a Jewish Buddhist. I’d meditate for hours a day. One day as I was meditating, my soul began to vibrate. It left my body. I could see my body there. It went through the clouds, and the next thing I know I was in heaven and I saw this King on this throne, in this glorious light. I felt the power of God pulsating through every cell of my body. (emphasis mine) [2]

Every fabric of my being began to come alive with the power and the presence of God. I had never felt anything like this. And this King on this throne told me I was called to serve him. And I knew that that King was Jesus, that it was Yeshua. [3]

But was it Jesus? The Christ of the Bible?

Sobel was not engaging in biblical meditation, where the mind is active while thinking about the scripture. As Ray Yungen has explained, our minds are like rushing rivers. Our thoughts go here, go there, our thought process is active and continuous. In contemplative prayer, Eastern meditation, and New Age meditation, all thought is stilled. The active river of our minds is dammed up–the rushing river is now a still pool of water. This can be done by repeating a word or phrase over and over until thought ceases and one enters the silence.

But, this repetition of a phrase or word is exactly what the Bible says we should not do:

But when ye pray, use not vain repetitions, as the heathen do: for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking. (Matthew 6:7)

The silence of Eastern and New Age meditation (and contemplative prayer as well) is rich ground for false visions, lying “Christs,” and supernatural experiences. This practice can addle or alter theology, and often seems to lead to an inability to distinguish or be concerned about the difference between Catholic teaching on Salvation and the Truth of the Bible.

Some time later, after Jason Sobel became what Sid Roth describes as a “strong believer,” Rabbi Sobel claims he was taken up to heaven again. He told Roth:

Oh, it was incredible. So, after all of this happens, I’m like, Lord, I want to encounter you. I want to have a supernatural encounter with you. So I’m praying, and again, all of a sudden my body begins to vibrate. And the next thing I know, I’m standing in heaven and I’m standing before the throne and there’s a throng of worshipers around the throne of the Lord. And every time a syllable comes out of their mouth, my entire body shakes like a bass drum under the power of the worship and of the presence of God in heaven. And I hear two songs being sung. One is a Hebrew song, okay. It sings about the rock of Israel. And one was like a contemporary worship song. [4] (emphasis mine)

And I say, Lord, what does this mean? And the Lord brought me to the book of Revelation, where it says, they sang the song of Moses and the Lamb and spoke to me saying this represents the great revival that’s going to happen and is going to happen as a result of Jew and Gentile coming together. The song of Moses represented the song of the Jewish people and the song of the Lamb represented the New Testament and the believer song. And when those two songs merge, it’s a picture of Jew and Gentile, the one new man coming together, that’s going to help usher in a great move of God. The greatest move of God, the world has seen. [5] (emphasis mine)

It seems that Sobel has some spiritual alignment with Bill Johnson of Bethel Redding. Johnson has prophesied over Jason Sobel, and Sobel claims that after Johnson prayed for him, “there was activation in my life.” [6]

Activate or activation are terms closely associated with the New Apostolic Reformation, and are also used by hyper-charismatics. We will be back with Part 2, the Jason Sobel/Bill Johnson article as soon as possible.

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8 thoughts on ““The Chosen” Biblical Consultant met Christ via New Age/Eastern Meditation?

    1. Hi Sherry,
      I have a friend who feels as you do about the “pagan roots” of Christmas. You are right, it is not in the Bible, it is a tradition. I do celebrate His birth on that day. The name of your blog is a little unsettling but I get that this is something you feel very strongly about. I see that you are formerly Arminian, now Calvinist. I am neither, but strongly disagree with the idea of “limited atonement.” Anyway, I am typing on my laptop with one hand as I am on my back and having back surgery in a ccouple of days. Better stop here. Take care my friend. May the Lord guide us in His Truth.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. So sorry to have missed this comment, friend! I hope all is well.

        As far as the title of my blog being unsettling, I understand. But I was led of the Lord to call it that. Yes, X means “Christ” in Greek but it meant that long before Christ was born and is the actual letter/number (10) of Nimrod and the false messiah. Don’t think that those of us who don’t celebrate His birth on the same day as the sun god’s don’t praise our God for sending us His Son. We do. But it’s at any day we want. Personally, I love listening to Handel’s Messiah year-round. We have a problem getting past what God’s Word says about worshiping Him using pagan means and traditions. God calls it an abomination to do so, and we believe that it is worshiping Him with the wrong spirit and with lies. Thank you for being understanding.

        God bless you and may you heal up nicely, amen!


  1. Well, this all interesting, I have been watching The Chosen and feel that it is very good for portraying Christ’s ministry as both a man and the Messenger/Son of God. I have not seemn any “new age stuff”. I don’t know why he particularly was chosen for his role. Further, I have no knowledge of any members practices and feel if they stick strictly to biblical stories and what history tells us about the disciples and leave out all differing “new theology”developed over the last 2000 years including the recent danger of mediation in an eastern way, then so far so good. My understanding is that he is there to advise on cultural issues of the time in Israel. I’m just now wondering was he ever a practicing Jewish person. I’m just finishing season two so let’s pray things go well in the eyes of God as and outreach tool .


    1. Hi Sharon,
      Thanks for your thoughtful comments. You know, The Chosen does not “strickly stick to biblical stories” but adds to many of them. Biblical figures such as John the Baptist etc are being given personalities and even new words. In The Chosen, for example, John the Baptist argues with Christ! And Peter calls John the Baptist “Creepy John.” These are but two of many concerns.

      We are warned in the Bible about false Christs. Where is this Jesus of Dallas Jenkins taking people?

      I hope you will read this read this article, GET USED TO A DIFFERENT JESUS. God bless you. https://fitl.co.za/2022/06/16/get-used-to-a-different-jesus/


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