Scholar of biblical Greek exposes The Passion Translation

Below is a link to Andrew Chapman’s communications with the publisher of Brian Simmons’ The Passion Translation. This “Bible” is just as bad as The Message, and you know that is saying something.
Chapman is a scholar of biblical Greek, and he examines a number of passages in The Passion Translation. He is kind; he is polite; and he is thorough.
At one point Chapman concludes, “It has become clear to me that Brian does not know Greek.”
Please read these when you have time. The Passion Translation will be coming your way, if it hasn’t already. This “Bible” is custom-made for the New Apostolic Reformation, a movement that is flooding into the Body of Christ.
And please take some time to pray for Andrew Chapman. The enemy can’t be happy about this.
The series of email correspondences starts at the end, and as you go through them you will see that Brian Simmons, author of The Passion Translation, has much to answer for: Read

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