Francis Chan kick-starts false revival?

“From our perspective, those who attended The Send because of Chan’s appearance were put in serious harm’s way. And we find it audacious that Chan now tries to excuse himself for being there (see the Christianity Today article). We see this as nothing less than a breach of trust that can have significant spiritual repercussions on countless people. Instead of warning Christians about spiritually deceptive teachings and spirits that falsely come in the name of the Lord, Chan has brought them right to the trough to drink these dangerous waters,” states Lighthouse Trails.  Continue reading


The Send’s Lou Engle blesses those helping the “Evangelical and Catholic worlds become one”

For some time now Catholic evangelists Keith and Iwona Major have worked with The Send founder Lou Engle and IHOPKC’s Mike Bickle to unify Catholics and Protestants.

Lou Engle states, “Keith and Iwona Major are a bridge to helping the Evangelical and Catholic worlds become one. I bless this couple for all they are doing.” [1] (emphasis added)

This is reason enough to avoid The Send conference (February 2019), and any other spiritual endeavor cobbled together by Engle. Many of those scheduled to speak or perform at The Send also seem oblivious to the difference between Catholic and Christian theology.

For the third time Catholics will participate in in the International House of Prayer’s Onething conference, scheduled Dec. 28-31, 2018. [2]

In 2015, speaking with Keith Major, leader of that year’s Onething Catholic Ecumenical Track, IHOPKC founder Mike Bickle stated:

Well we have so much to learn from all over the Body of Christ–Catholics, charismatics, non-charismatics, denominations, anyone who loves Jesus. That’s why we’re hosting an ecumenical track, or actually you’re the one leading it, and  I so appreciate you doing that, because if you love Jesus and the Word of God, man, we’re going on the same direction before the Lord, and we love that. Thank you. (see video)

But Catholics and Protestants are not going in the “same direction before the Lord.” According to the Vatican document Lumen Gentium, a Muslim who is true to his Islamic faith will be saved! A Catholic friend of mine tried to explain that this teaching is, well, nuanced. But it is not. It is right there in black and white.

According to Lumen Gentium:

But the plan of salvation also includes those who acknowledge the Creator. In the first place amongst these there are the Muslims, who, professing to hold the faith of Abraham, along with us adore the one and merciful God, who on the last day will judge mankind. [2]

Roman Catholicism promotes a “gospel” of inclusivism.

The Bible states:

Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. (John 14:6)

Roman Catholic Bishop Robert Barron recently assured conservative talk host Ben Shapiro, a practicing Orthodox Jew, that those “outside the explicit Christian faith can be saved…” Lumen Gentium strikes again. (read article) 

What is going to happen as prominent leaders like Lou Engle, Todd White, Mike Bickle and others continue to press for this Catholic/Protestant spiritual syncretism? How many of their young followers are going to be swept up in heresy?

In addition to Lumen Gentium, there will also be exposure to Catholic practices and beliefs–purgatory, praying to Mary and the saints,  the Eucharist, Mary as sinless virgin, and so much more. King Solomon, blessed with wisdom, nevertheless began to worship false gods after being exposed to his pagan wives’ unholy beliefs. (1 Kings 11:1-11) The Word of God warns against Catholic/Protestant spiritual “unity,” because there is no such thing.

While there are Catholics who are saved, it is despite Catholic teaching, not because of it. Discussion of the Catholic faith is always difficult. Feelings get hurt, or people get angry, and it is all too easy to be timid when dealing with this, as Catholics are our friends, neighbors, co-workers, family members. The most loving thing we can do is speak the Truth.  (see video)

The immediate problem is not the Catholics; it is false teachers like Lou Engle and Mike Bickle who continue to push for this false unity.

Despite the clear warning in the Word of God (2 Cor 6:14-17), it is likely many in the visible church will begin to accept and incorporate these unbiblical teachings. Remember, many in the church already accept certain new age beliefs, so this is not much of stretch.

Beware The Send, and beware IHOPKC. Pray for the believers who are being deceived by these leaders. A false religion is rising, and the foundation has been set.

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Warning about “The Send” stadium gathering

“In 2011 a major revelatory shift took place.” –Lou Engle, founder of The Send

Thy prophets have seen vain and foolish things for thee: and they have not discovered thine iniquity, to turn away thy captivity; but have seen for thee false burdens and causes of banishment.  (Lam 2:14)

Francis Chan is passionately promoting a stadium event called The Send, scheduled to take place in Orlando, Florida on February 23, 2019.[1] At face value, the purpose of the gathering is to spread the gospel message. But something else may be happening here.

The Send website [2] listing the speakers and artists proclaims:

Look who is uniting for The Send. We aren’t coming together for an event we are gathering for a tipping point. Become a part of the story.

Okay, so what kind of tipping point? Become a part of what kind of story? Unfortunately, The Send speaker/artist list is dominated by: New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) advocates; contemplative prayer practitioners; and those who foment the heresy of Protestant/Catholic spiritual unity.

One goal of this ongoing series is an examination of the theology and practices of Todd White, Lou Engle, Bill Johnson, Heidi Baker, Francis Chan, Mike Bickle, and other scheduled speakers and artists.

The Bible warns, And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many. (Matthew 24:11)

How did the concept of The Send originate? According to Lou Engle:

In 2011 a major revelatory shift took place. Into my living room walked these YWAM wild men, and they began to prophesy, there’s a coming shift to The Call. And it will not just be fasting and praying, but the proclamation of the gospel, signs and wonders and stadiums will be filled. And Billy Graham’s mantle is coming on the nation. And then they said, The Call is gonna lead to The Send. And it struck me–maybe The Call is a forerunner for a new Jesus Movement coming. [3]

Or, maybe it is the forerunner to something…else. The question must be asked–at what point in history does the false church begin to coalesce? (Revelation 17:1-6) As noted by Ray Yungen, Warren B. Smith [4] and others, contemplative prayer serves as a key linchpin for the rising false church.

“In the spiritual climate of today,” writes Yungen, “a unifying mystical prayer practice fits the paradigm necessary to unite the various world religions–the contemplative prayer movement is such a practice! I believe this movement is taking many on a downward spiral that could lead to the great apostasy. For this to happen, as the Bible says, there will be ‘seducing spirits’ who design a spirituality nearly indistinguishable from the truth.'” [5]

Thus it will be important to write about Mike Bickle, founder of International House of Prayer. While Bickle can be rightfully called the King of contemplative prayer, by no means is he the only scheduled speaker to embrace this deceptive practice.

According to Bickle, “Everyone in the Body of Christ is called to live lives of contemplative prayer…” [6]

As this series continues, we’ll see the results of immersion in contemplative prayer, the power of this deceptive practice, and its influence in the push for Catholic/Protestant unity.

End Part 1

Part 2: The Send conference features Bethel Redding speaker known for “grave soaking”

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