Brian Simmons: Comissioned by Christ, an angel named…Passion?

Every word of God is tested; He is a shield to those who take refuge in him. Do not add to His words or He will reprove you, and you will be proved a liar. (Proverbs 30:5-6)

[The transcribed conversation between Brian Simmons and Sid Roth about The Passion Translation is below.]

Several days ago Pastor Mike Winger asked for help on his Facebook page. He wrote:

For those interested in my “Passion Project” I’m looking hard to find a video or audio clip where Brian Simmons says that he has a special angel named Passion that helps him with the translation. He mentioned somewhere (I think it was in an interview but I could be mistaken) that he named the translation after that angel. I’ve only heard him say it once and I think it’s the kind of thing he won’t say in public any more but I’d love to have that clip.

Someone did find the audio where Brian Simmons claims his The Passion Translation is named after an angel named Passion. I have transcribed that exchange between Simmons and Sid Roth, but also the conversation that precedes it–where Simmons claims Jesus Christ commissioned him to write The Passion Translation!

If you have not heard of The Passion Translation, you will. It is as deceptive as The Message Bible, and has powerful advocates such as Bill Johnson of Bethel Redding. You can learn more about The Passion Translation here.

Here is the transcription of this segment of the Sid Roth/Brian Simmons interview beginning at 30 minutes and twenty three seconds [1]:

Sid Roth – Also, in 2009 Jesus enters the room you’re in and gives you an assignment. Tell me what that was.

Brian Simmons – What a wonderful night that was. Again, I was in my room and the presence of the Lord became tangible, heavy, thick, so powerful that I slipped out of bed and knelt there by my bed and the One I love came.

And, uh, commissioned me. He says I’m commissioning you to do this translation project. And He breathed on me. Just blew His breath on me. I’ll never forget that experience.

And He promised me that, that He would give me help, that He would stand with me and give me secrets of the Hebrew language, secrets of the Bible that would be for this Last Days awakening.

Sid Roth – And that was the beginning of The Passion Translation project. Did He tell you the name of the Bible?

Brian Simmons – No he didn’t. He just–

Sid Roth – So where’d you come up with the words, Passion Translation?

Brian Simmons – Well, years ago, I saw an angel in our church meeting and the Lord spoke to me, not audibly but internally and said that angel is with your ministry, it’s the angel of passion.

Source Notes:

1. Sid Roth interview 1/26/15

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