The Passion Translation author: “We are the Reincarnation of Jesus Christ”

“We are the Word made flesh again. We are the Reincarnation of Jesus Christ.”

“Christ is no longer a man. He’s a people. You and I carry like Mary. We will bring forth the Christ. The Second Coming is the Becoming of the Lord.”

“As Christ comes forth and emerges on the earth in a corporate expression, there will be a people who become the feet. The beautiful feet. … They will be untouched by sin, darkness, even death.”

“Stop being in love with your tradition, opinion and understanding of the Bible that’s so shallow, and so, like, feeble, and we barely make it in our lives because we don’t have that rich treasure yet.”

From the teaching of Brian Simmons, author of The Passion Translation (on Youtube):


Brian Simmons claims Christ came to him and gave him the task of issuing forth The Passion Translation. Simmons is a New Apostolic Reformation leader, and The Passion Translation serves many as an NAR “Bible.”

Please note that the Latter Rain heresy of a coming group of saints who do not sin and cannot die is included in this video teaching.

Simmons has changed the meaning of Antichrist, and claims the seals, trumpets, and bowls in Revelation are…people.

The video is only 16 minutes long, and you can also scroll down as the video has been transcribed, with some statements given emphasis in bold.

Beginning of video:

He’s within us. The Revelation 12 Virgin Bride will give birth to a Man-Child company, a corporate expression, one has become the many, the seed has now fallen into the ground and died but is now bearing many seeds, there’s a many seeded Christ. 

He will prolong his days and take pleasure in what He sees. Isaiah 53 says that He will see his seed and prolong his days. We are extending the ministry of Jesus throughout the nations. We are carrying his life and his nature and his DNA wherever we go. We are prolonging his days, the Acts 29 company. We are expressing the Christ wherever we go.

43 seconds into video– And as the corporate maturity continues, and we rise to be the holy temple unto the Lord, there will be that apple tree conception. And the Christ we long for will be seen. In a corporate way.

1 min 10 seconds– There’s a coming glory. If you look at antichrist, the devil, you look at judgement, you know, bowls, trumpets, and uh let’s see, seals, trumpets and bowls, all three of those–I don’t know how far to go with you guys–all three of them refer to people. You’re sealed with the Holy Spirit, I could show you the seven seals from the New Testament. Seven times it says you’re sealed.

1 min 36 seconds– The sealed book is you. He’s the Word, the volume of the book it is written of Him. We express the Word. WE ARE THE WORD MADE FLESH AGAIN. WE ARE THE REINCARNATION OF JESUS CHRIST. The corporate expression.

Seals. Seven seals of the Holy Spirit. Trumpet. Our message, it’s a revelation, it’s a message that trumpets the truth of God. Sounds into the ears and hearts of those with ears that have been pierced and whose hearts are prepared. It is a message of coming glory.

2 min 10 seconds– And a bowl, isn’t that what we are? We are jars of clay, we are vessels. We are vessels of honor before him. It’s interesting, when Jericho was under a curse, Elisha said get a bowl. Get a bowl full of salt. Right. Jesus said, you are the salt of the earth. And take a bowlful of salt and go to the headwaters  of the river of the waters of Jericho that are undrinkable and put a bowl full of salt into the water and it’ll be drinkable again. We break the curse off our cities, the expression of Christ in us. The salt bearing company.

2 min 47 seconds– We are the salt that purifies, that sanctifies, that cleanses and the stream of water is often teaching. So the stream that we can bring is a sweet stream. Sweet stream coming out of us, the teaching of the Lord. That strengthens the spirit, puts hope back in our heart, pep in our step, zippity in our doodah.

3 min 12 seconds– The glory. So the seals, trumpets, and bowls have not been understood.  Well, what about judgment? Yeah, God’s gonna judge a lot of things in you. All the ways of the world, the ways of the mind of man, He’s gonna come against every one of them and target them. Because, whatever He judges He removes, and gives unhindered love. He judges whatever stands in the way of His love. That’s what He judges. Healing is judging the devil’s work.

3 min 52 seconds– See? The positive aspect of judgment is because He’s preparing a people for glory, so He’s gonna remove everything. And it starts right here, folks.

4 min 3 seconds– Don’t look now, but I found the antichrist. Deal with it. Get him out. Stop being in love with your tradition, opinion and understanding of the Bible that’s so shallow, and so, like, feeble, and we barely make it in our lives because we don’t have that rich treasure yet. We’ve not unlocked the deepest places of spirit life [indecipherable]. Where we bring healing because of a touch or a word that speaks and life comes forth.

4 min 31 seconds– We’re the seed of Christ, the 42nd generation, we complete the geneology of Jesus. CHRIST IS NO LONGER A MAN, HE’S A PEOPLE. YOU AND I CARRY LIKE MARY. WE WILL BRING FORTH THE CHRIST. THE SECOND COMING IS THE BECOMING OF THE LORD. The Father loves the Son so much, he is going to fill the earth with people just like Him.

4 min 48 seconds– He’s the pattern Son, He’s the cornerstone into which everything must fit to become that dwelling place of God. And the New Jerusalem company will emerge on the earth. The New Jerusalem is not a place you are going to, it is a people you will become. And the 12 gateways of the New Jerusalem were worn in symbolic form over the breastplate of the High Priest. And to qualify as the High Priest, to represent men before God was that you had to carry the revelation of your heart over your heart.

Carry this, wear this breastplate, priests of the Lord, wear this breastplate. That we are the dwelling place. We are not going to. You need a new heaven and a new earth. The throne of God has wheels on it. I’m coming here. You want to go so bad up there and God says sweetheart, you don’t understand, I’m coming here.

5 min 55 seconds– The earth will be my footstool. There will be a feet company that will represent me on earth. When a mother gives birth, what’s the last part of the body to come forth. Feet. The feet. There will be a feet company. AS THE CHRIST COMES FORTH AND EMERGES ON THE EARTH IN A CORPORATE EXPRESSION, there will be a people who will become the feet. The beautiful feet. How beautiful are the feet. God will, uh, you know, God will soon crush Satan under YOUR FEET.

6 min 33 seconds– There will be a feet company, a Satan crushing company that will devour, like a threshing sledge, they will devour every work of the enemy. THEY WILL BE UNTOUCHED BY SIN, DARKNESS, EVEN DEATH. 

6 minutes 43 seconds– They will carry like Mary, and it will be as though the second coming has come. The destiny of this planet is not what you think. Oh, but it’s gonna be destroyed by fire. Yeah. You got some things in your earth that need to be destroyed so start now.

7 min 10 seconds– The natural elements, the natural realm, will be destroyed. And we will become the paradise of God once again. When God said, I have made you in my image and my likeness, now rule and take dominion. To the measure we carry his image and likeness, to that measure we rule and take dominion. You can’t rule and take dominion without the image and likeness. You guys getting this? We know a little about image.

7 min 52 seconds– That we’re made in the image of God. God is not a man but he has hands. The hand of the Lord. God is not a man but he has eyes. He sees. The eyes of the Lord search throughout the whole earth. He has ears, aren’t you glad, He hears our prayers. He has feet. Ezekiel saw the feet through the [indecipherable].

8 min 7 seconds–  There is an image upon us that is stamped like God. We are a God-image people. Isn’t that amazing. This is why we honor every human life, the handicapped, the pre-born and we honor life because it’s the image of God. Even James says we can’t you know slander those who were made in his image with our mouth.

8 min 30 seconds– But likeness. We don’t have a clue yet. What it means to be in the likeness of God. You know the first thing God did with Adam? After he had the image and the likeness? Okay, God created the heavens and the earth. Gonna keep it simple. He made the trees after their kind, he made the birds after their kind, he made the fish after their kind, and He made man after God-kind.

9 min 10 seconds– He made a God-kind man. Do you know, God, this is so crazy, I may want to take a break after this, ’cause some might want to throw stones, but it doesn’t say God created the animals it says He formed them and brought them to Adam. If you’re in His image and likeness, you’re gonna do what God does.

9 min 35 seconds– God created–do the math–He created the heavens and the earth, and He formed the animals, brought them to Adam, said, your turn. He named them, gave them identity. He gave them… The image and likeness is coming. 

And as the Church rises up in the image we’re made in His likeness, we’re to be conformed to the likeness, when we see Him we shall be like Him. And to see Him is not heaven. When we see Him as He really is, we get changed into that image. And likeness. We can see Him today. We can see Him come out of the shadows. We can see him emerge from the black and white pages  of the Scriptures. We can see Him. When we see Him we are changed into that image and likeness. Seeing Him is so valuable in these last days.

10 min 37 seconds– Many see judgment. Many see clouds of doom. I see clouds of glory. The horizon filled with darkness is not a storm of judgment, it is the coming glory cloud that has yet to be perceived as it really is.

10 min 55 seconds– Something about clouds. God really likes clouds. He rides, His name is cloud rider. I put that in Psalms, the translation of the Psalms. Thous shalt get the Book of Psalms on your way out. But His name is Yah, cloud rider, ha ha ha. Okay, you’re the cloud. Eight times in the Bible, uno, dos, tres, quatro, eight times. Men are clouds. Cloud of witnesses. Jude speaks of false teachers that are clouds with no rain.

11 min 38 seconds– Throw up Isiah 60 verse 8. Put up Isaiah 60 verse 8, if you dare to read this. The Passion Translation: Who are these who soar like clouds, flying like doves into their portals? Jesus is coming in the clouds! I’m here to announce to you, ladies and gentlemen. Everybody missed His first coming. Only people who got revelation understood the first coming. Even though they had the Bible, they knew it’d be Bethlehem, but yet he was from Nazareth so they, he purposely let them get offended over being in Nazareth but He wasn’t, He was from Bethlehem, but they called Him from Nazareth.

He didn’t set the record straight. He let them be deceived. But those with spirit revelation would understand. He was from Bethlehem. Micah 5:2. So if everyone missed the First Coming except for divine revelation, how is it you got all the Second Coming figured out. There’s so much more to the unveiling.

13 min and 14 seconds– I want to unveil, I want to lift some of that veil as much as we go into Revelation 1. After our lunch I want to show you some secrets about the coming of the Lord. And how we can press into this greater glory.

The glory the glory the glory the glory the glory is the key to the coming days. It’s not Antichrist. It’s not the beast coming out of the waters. The sea is the picture of the sea of humanity, it’s the sin nature, it’s the sin of man coming from the nations that opposes the breaking forth of Christ’s life within us.

13 min 50 seconds– And the judgments in the Book of Revelation are not quite what you thought. The seven thunders will reveal Him. The seven thunders will be heard on the earth. Through a people who become the mighty ones of God. Psalm 29, the voice of the Lord. Thunders. And as we carry the voice of the Lord we will thunder with a trumpet sound to the nations. And there will be a radiant Bride. Shulamite lover. The woman at the well is coming. And that Revelation 12 virgin is going to come and bring forth the salvation of the planet.

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16 thoughts on “The Passion Translation author: “We are the Reincarnation of Jesus Christ”

  1. Heavenly Father please keep our ‘feet’ firmly in contact with the “Rock” that Christ mentioned in the parable of the wise/foolish builders, which comprises THREE things, Christ Himself, His Teachings and OBEDIENCE to those Teachings. Only when we obey these, do we then stand on the Rock which will withstand ALL the Storms of Life which will assail us in these Final Days before Jesus Returns, at an hour that is NOT expected, as He Himself warned. I very much include Brian Simmons in this prayer. In Your Holy Name Yeshua-ben-Yosef, Sar-Shalom, the Prince of Peace. Amen.


  2. The most screwball interpretation of this passage of Scripture I’ve ever heard.
    Go to a proper Bible College Brian.


  3. As Brian is getting far far worse with his heretical blasphemous false teachings I pray that people will see this and think if this man teaches THIS perhaps they will see how heretical his passion book is I won’t call it a Bible

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Sounds like he doesn’t believe in the personal return of the Lord Jesus Christ to the earth!

    ‘We are the reincarnation of Jesus Christ’ is really weird. In Hinduism, the reincarnate being can’t come into existence until his predecessor is dead.


  5. Learn about Manifested Sons of God teaching, which is an integral part of the Latter Rain movement, which forms the basis for the Charismatic movement, which has further developed into the NAR, which is the New Apostolic Reformation, or the Apostolic-Prophetic movement. I’ve been researching it for a while and making videos and articles against it, especially the Israeli branch of it, but wasn’t aware how outspoken Simmons was. A very important post, thank you! from NARWATCH ISRAEL

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks to you as well. I have been very concerned about NAR in Israel. Manifest Sons of God teaching still influences many in the NAR. Here are two other articles concerning Simmons. Michael, anything you think I need to know, please feel free to send it my way. God bless you and yours.


  6. That Simmons is totally lost in his delusions is quite apparent, but that there is not an outcry from the main denominations warning the church against him and his evil work, is even worse were are the serious biblicalscolars and sound preachers who should be condemning this blasphemous work and warning all there congregations. It is the acceptance by so called bible believing christians that is most disturbing. People we have fellowshiped with for many years accepting this on an industrial scale deceiving and being decieved.MAKE A STAND, STAND UP AND BE COUNTED FOR THE TRUTH


  7. Good grief!! That is just one long string of non-sequiturs strung together — bizarre gobbledygook pouring out of a tainted pitcher. Watching him was hard enough — reading the written transcript only underscored how disjointed and deluded his words are.


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