Worry less about which Bible Reading Plan to use and more about which Bible

[The article below is from Chapter 3 Ministries. My wife will be handing this excellent article out at her Bible Study for women this Thursday. Chapter 3 Ministries focuses on marriage and apologetics (and other subjects), and is for women. We really appreciate the emphasis on choosing a good Bible translation, and also the warning about The Message “Bible” and The Passion “Bible.” Feel free to send this  article to any Christian women you feel may benefit from reading it.]

According to Chapter 3 Ministries:

This time of year there is usually a lot of attention given to Bible reading plans. People are gearing up to start a plan January 1 and are looking around and asking for suggestions. That’s great! I love that there is desire to read God’s word regularly, and a Bible reading plan is a great way to accomplish that.

What I do not see is emphasis on which Bible to use. This should be considered carefully so that the time you spend with your Bible reading plan is time well spent. For example, if you chose a highly recommend reading plan but paired it with The Message Bible or The Passion Translation, you would not be spending your time well nor contributing to your spiritual health. Quite the opposite. These versions would create a wedge between you and the inspired words of Scripture because they alter the words and meaning of Scripture to a great degree. (Continue reading article)

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