Bethel Redding sister church that worshiped Mother Goddess to feature speakers aligned with “The Shack”

[Reader, this speaking engagement was canceled, and the NW Bethesda pastor and Justin and Abi Stumvoll emphasized it had nothing to do with anything written about them]

And when we burned incense to the Queen of heaven and poured out drink offerings unto her, did we make her cakes to worship her, and pour out drink offerings unto her, without our men? (Jeremiah 44:9)

If there is one church that absolutely doesn’t need  any more confusion about the biblical God, it is Bethesda NW. On Mother’s Day, the congregation worshiped the Mother Goddess. (Read) The blasphemous idea of El Shaddai as the Double Breasted One was introduced in early January of 2019. (Read)

It was stated in an earlier article:

The unclean spirit behind the goddess of The Shack, the novel written by Paul Young, is still at work. It seems more than coincidental that Bethesda NW, a Bethel Redding sister church,* uses Young’s hellish interpretation of El Shaddai; and just like in the novel, the Holy Spirit has also been feminized, addressed in the service as “Mama Ghost.”

Incredibly, scheduled June 22 as speakers at Bethesda NW’s Fully Alive Conference, are Bethel Redding heavy hitters Justin and Abi Stumvoll, a couple closely linked with Paul Young, author of The Shack.  In the following video, Abi teaches not from the Bible, but from….Paul Young, whom she refers to as “an incredible mentor and friend to me.” (Watch)

In April 2019 the Stumvolls spoke at Catch The Fire where Ash, the woman speaking,   acknowledged them as “part of our Bethel family.” (59 seconds in video, link in paragraph below ) Justin has served as pastor at Bethel Redding and Abi has served as pastor at Bethel School of Supernatural Minstry, and as staff member at Bethel Redding.

At 5:09  in the video, Abi states: I also want to say, Ash is more like God…have any of you seen the movie, The Shack? They cast the Holy Spirit wrong, it’s Ash. You want to know what the Holy Spirit looks like, it is her. (Watch)

The Stumvolls and Paul Young, author of The Shack, have even collaborated on “The Father Series” described as a “transformational audio e-course” to “help you get healing from your past and empower you to step into a great future.”(READ–scroll down, Paul Young is #5 in the teaching in the 12 Part Audio E-Course) [Reader, the reference to Paul Young has been removed from this site. 1/7/20] 

In March of 2017, Paul Young came out with his book, Lies We Believe About God. After publication there could be no doubt about Young’s heretical view of God, because he admitted what many of us have known all along.

In the words of one reviewer:

The Lies We Believe About God would be a great read if it weren’t for, well, his heresies. Yep, heresies such as universalism, no hell, God submits to us, denial of our sinful nature, denial of God’s sovereignty, and a denial that sin separates us from God. (Link)

The information is readily accessible. Why, then, is this Bethel Redding couple going the way of the Mother Goddess? Why do they keep promoting Paul Young, his book, and his movie?

Can two walk together except they be agreed? (Amos 3:3)

From the time Paul Young first published his book, The Shack, with the goddess character in the place of the Father, the visible church has been suffering from this heresy. And please, don’t tell me it’s just a book.

Here is what I believe is happening. The Lord is allowing this The Shack/Mother Goddess/Bethel Redding confluence to become evident. He is warning His people. We should be praying for those who are under this deception–but it is also time to draw some boundaries.  It is time to understand this thing is in the visible church.

And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them. (Ephesians 5:11)

Mike Oppenheimer, a researcher/writer, recently informed me that the demonically influenced William Branham taught this unholy double breasted version of El Shaddai decades ago. Branham, associated with Latter Rain, a movement determined as heretical by Assemblies of God in 1949, is nevertheless admired by Bethel Redding’s Bill Johnson.

Interestingly enough, Tisha Straup in her Bethesda NW sermon of 5/26/19, spoke of El Shaddai, the Double Breasted One, and discussed a dream that Latter Rain preacher Ma Beal had testified about decades ago.

Mike Oppenheimer writes, “Speaking of God as El Shaddai Branham used the many breasted God as his interpretation.” He then provides these quotes from Branham:

“Actually the Name was “El Shaddai.” I may not pronounce that word just right: El Shaddai. Now, “El” is God, like Elohim. “Shad” is “a breast like on a woman.” “Shaddai,” is plural, “breasts, breasted.” Then He is the breasted God.” (59-0423, Abraham’s Seed, Santa Clara County Fairgrounds, San Jose, CA)

And God called him out, and He said, “Abraham, I am El Shaddai. I’m the Almighty.” Now, the word, “El Shaddai” comes from the word, “bosomed,” means like “the woman, the breast.” “I am El Shaddai,” the breasted God, God with two breasts, like the woman.” (57-0106, Jehovah-Jireh, Arnold Memorial School, Cleveland, TN).

Speaking of Abraham, “He was what? El Shaddai, the Breast. So in other words He would be the mother to God–or to Abraham. Is God a Mother? Sure He is. We are borned of God. Is that right? So that makes God our Mother. God is our Father. God, in Christ is our brother. Is that right?” (56-0816, The Working Of The Holy Spirit, Prince Albert Arena, Prince Albert, SK).

Here is the link to Mike Oppenheimer’s well researched website. 

The Paul Young/William Branham/Bethesda NW misunderstanding of El Shaddai, as Breasted One, Double Breasted One, Many Breasted one etc. is refuted here.

Can you imagine Abraham or Paul believing this of El Shaddai?

Let’s close here, for now. There is more to be said regarding Branham and The Shack, and also more on Bethesda NW and the misuse of El Shaddai.  The spirit behind the Mother Goddess is influencing many, and this seduction is only going to increase.


*Sister church Scroll to end of article (READ)

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